A Qantas A380 lands at Sydney Airport

This week: a bag of fish, Aussie rules and more

This week has been very busy for one country in the Southern Hemisphere: Australia. In one of the busiest week’s in the country’s annual calendar, when school holidays are in full swing and the Grand Final of the footy and rugby leagues are played out, the Australian aviation industry went through a lot of turbulence.

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Copenhagen's Nyhavn canal

How to see Copenhagen in 4 hours

It’s early morning and you just realized that your travel department booked you on a flight with a four hour stop-over in Copenhagen in contrast to the direct flight you normally get. You may think this is another one of those ridiculous cost saving tasks recently implemented by your company. We disagree and think, someone really liked you and gave you a well deserved mini-break for free. We think so, because Copenhagen is one of the cities that are so accessible, you can see a good part of it in a very short time.

You don’t believe us? Well, we tried it ourselves and produced a minute by minute report:

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Rudd's Vegemite caused some concerns for US Customs officials this week

This week: LAX upgrades, slots in Boston & Vegemite problems

Well, you may be delighted or you may be disappointed, but this week’s airport news update is going to be an “all US” one. While we saw some minor articles coming from other parts of the world (e.g. Spain’s Santiago airport (IATA: SCQ) unveiling a new €230m terminal or the opening of Saudi Arabia’s new Najran regional airport (IATA: EAM)), the majority of relevant articles – twist it anyway you like – came from the United States. Let’s then get right to it:

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Location Scout in Las Vegas

Las Vegas McCarran Airport: Playing Location Scout

A couple of months ago we wrote about the glamorous side of Las Vegas’ McCarran International Airport (IATA: LAS; LD hub page). Whilst we found a lot of movies that were filmed at the famous airport, we weren’t sure about most of the locations. So this time, when we visited the airport, we got some professional advice – directly from the airport’s PR team.

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Rainbow over Syracuse Hancock Airport, New York

Upstate New York’s Syracuse Airport: Yawn!

Syracuse is the fifth most populous town of the state New York and as pretty much all US towns of that size, it has an airport. Well, of course it does, otherwise we wouldn’t be writing about it. The airport, Syracuse Hancock International Airport (IATA: SYR) is, according to Wikipedia, a joint civil-military public airport located 7.4 km (4.6 mi) northeast of Syracuse. The main terminal complex is located at the eastern end of Colonel Eileen Collins Boulevard.

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NYC 2004 memorial of the 9/11 attacks (from Wikipedia)

This week: 9/11 memories, a mouse and strikes in Europe

Phew, this one was a big week. We saw tons of aviation relevant articles – most of them featuring around one particular topic from the US. Other stories reached us from Hong Kong, Italy and Greece. Plus we’ve even found another ‘odd news of the week’ piece for you – more about that later.

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Video report: LAX to Hollywood on a budget

A little while back we reviewed Los Angeles International Airport (IATA: LAX; LD hub page). With the help of the friendly LAWA staff, we were able to provide you with plenty of options for when you have ample time at this massive airport. One of the most interesting suggestions, however, was the one where you can get to Hollywood Boulevard when you have 4 hours or more and are on a budget. We now put this to the test – in true LateDeparture style. Click on the video above to watch it or view it directly on YouTube.

Lounge area near gates 14/15 at JetBlue's T5 terminal at JFK airport

JFK Terminal 5: JetBlue’s amazing terminal

Have you ever dreamt of an airport with an attractive, yet functional design? An airport with beautiful and innovative food outlets, great shopping? Or what about an occasional live concert? And on top of it all speedy and efficient operations? Dream no longer, this airport actually does exist: It’s called Terminal 5, the dedicated JetBlue terminal at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York (IATA: JFK, LD hub page).

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