Guestblog: Private jet vs commercial airliner- a journey of comparison

This is a guestblog by Dana Rasmussen who writes about private jets for, a worldwide air charter marketplace.  Jet Charters makes booking your next air charter easier by allowing you to research trip options and connect directly with the charter operator.

It’s ski season and just about everyone with a need to take to the slopes is heading out to Vail.

Some of these people are going the more traditional route by getting onboard a commercial airliner, while others opt for a classier way.

These people are the ones that charter a private jet.

Consider this. Two men, let’s call them Tom and Harry, are flying out of Los Angeles LAX and heading to Vail’s Eagle County Regional Airport (IATA: EGE). Tom’s got a seat on a commercial flight whereas Harry booked a private charter. While they will both get to Vail, the way they get there will be much different.

Every day, LAX is filled with people traveling to all corners of the world. Most of these people are familiar with commercial flying and they know what to expect.

They know that they need to get to the airport at least 90 minutes before their scheduled departure just to make sure they get through traffic, parking, and security checkpoints in time to get to the gate and wait. They know that once the boarding process begins, they will continue to wait either in the airport itself or on the plane. And they know once they take off, they have to follow all the safety rules put forth by the FAA, which means their time out of the seat is limited and unless they want to be tackled by an air marshal, they better not use their phone or any other electronics until the fasten seatbelt light goes off.

While most people are resigned to deal with all the things they need to put up with in order to fly on a commercial jet – after all, it is the fastest way to travel – some people know there is something better: private jet charter.

From the moment a passenger books travel on a private jet, everything revolves around that passenger’s needs.

The jet takes off when the passenger needs it to, all they need to do is drive up and get on board. There’s no security hassle, long lines, or anything to worry about. Luggage isn’t a problem because passengers can book travel on a jet that can accommodate however much or little they bring. Being hungry or suffering through a miniature bag of complimentary doesn’t exist because passengers can bring food on board, have their flight catered, and snack on a variety of different pre-packaged goodies.

Plus, passengers on private jets don’t have to ride with anyone other than the people they want to travel with, so they don’t have to worry about flying with crying babies or sickly adults.

Now back to Tom and Harry.

When the two men arrive in Vail, Harry will be energized thanks to his comfortable trip with seats in his private jet that allowed him to sprawl out, a cabin he could freely move about in, and windows that let natural light surround him. He will stand up and walk off the plane while his luggage and skis are loaded into an awaiting vehicle. Then he’ll drive off from the Eagle County Airport and be on his way to hitting the slopes.

Tom will arrive frazzled. When the plane lands, he will be essentially held hostage until the pilot turns off the fasten seatbelt light. Then he can get up, get his things, and stand in line while the rest of the passengers on the flight all try to get out the door at the same time.

Once off the plane, he will stand around waiting at the luggage carousel for his bags and skis, load them onto a luggage cart if any are available, and make his way to a rental car or, worse yet, public transportation.

By the time Tom arrives at his resort, Harry will have already had time to get unpacked and suited up for the slopes. Tom will strongly consider crashing onto his bed where he will dream about what it would have been like if only he’d chosen a private jet.

[Photo from Flickr – Some rights reserved by w4nd3rl0st (InspiredinDesMoines)]

  • Anonymous

    Lovely fantasy. Might the reality be that Harry spends per hour what Tom’s entire vacation cost?