Evacuations at JFK and Edinburgh

This week: Evacuations at JFK and Edinburgh, Flash mob in Manila & more

Things seem to be heating up in the lead up to Christmas. Or maybe it’s just a coincidence, anyway, it has been a busy airport related news week this one:

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Frustrated? There's an index for that.

This week: U.S. airport frustration index, record numbers of guns in carry-ons & more

It’s the end of the long Thanksgiving weekend, probably the busiest time for U.S. airports, yet we haven’t heard of too many horror delay stories this year. Maybe that’s also because there were plenty of warnings and help guides beforehand, much like our first story. BUt first, here are our topics for this week:

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Icy runway at Detroit Airport

This week: Icy delays in Detroit, drones at JFK & more

Last week seems to have been fairly busy in the world of airport news & delays – some of those to the annoyance of passengers. Here’s our overview of the topics we’re going to cover in this edition:

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This week: Thanksgiving congestions predicted, Heathrow’s globe of sent & more

From a travellers perspective this week has been a near perfect one. Hardly any major delays were reported from any of the large international airports. So for once, we’re only focusing on non-delay news this week:

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Sweden's remote controlled air traffic control tower

This week: Remote controlled airport, jet hits buffalo & more

We’re excited about this week’s airport news round up as it contains a little bit of everything: new technology, almost unbelievable stories, some drama and thrills. So, here are the headlines of the stories we’re going to cover:

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Eurofighter Typhoon

This week: Fighter jet escorts plane to Stansted, dubious Wi-Fi & more

It’s been a rather slow week here at our LateDeparture news desk. Nonetheless, we did manage to find a few interesting airport related news articles:

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LaGuardia Airport in New York

This week: New York pledges to improve its airports & more

The weeks seem to just fly by, pardon the pun. So, here are our airport related news from this week in our headline overview:

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Islamabad Airport

This week: Islamabad named world’s worst airport & more

It’s been another airport week mainly dominated by the various reports about Ebola prevention plus a few suspected scares of passengers carrying the virus on certain flights. Here are all of our topics for this week:

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Ebola Virus - now also feared at Western airports

This week: Ebola scare hits Western airports & more

This week we’ve seen one topic pop up in airport news around Europe and the United States: Ebola. Here’s the overview of all our stories for this week:

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Storms over Chicago lead to flight delays this week

This week: More issues for Chicago, EU airports accused of illegal state aid & more

This week was another rather quiet airport related news week, however, one airport – Chicago – was in the news several times this week. Here are the focus stories we found for you this time:

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