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TSA revelas their 2013 finds

Last week: TSA reveals 2013 finds, Eagle lands at Wellington airport & more

You know we’re late when we even change our title. Oh well, better late than never, right? Oh – by the way – did you notice that we changed our look? We hope you like it!

Okay, so last week the following stories appeared on our airport news radar:

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Hurricane Sandy photographed on 25 October 2012

This week: Sandy’s path of disruptions, Munich in Heathrow, Hobbits in Wellington

Quite clearly this week has been dominated by hurricane Sandy causing devastation over large parts of the U.S. east coast with implication for tens of thousands of travellers as well. Before we get to that, let us cover two other airport related news we picked up this week.

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The Rock at Wellington's International Airport

Wellington Rock’s Out!

While Australia’s largest carrier is busy sorting out its issues around the A380 and at the same time celebrating its 90th anniversary, the red continent’s neighbour, New Zealand, is occupied with a different sort of aviation milestone. “MileSTONE” is the perfect word here, as Wellington’s airport (IATA: WLG) reveals this Sunday its newest addition called “The Rock”.

The Rock is the new extension of New Zealand’s capital International Terminal (I reviewed the airport about a month ago; you can read that review here).
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Wellington International Airport

Windy Wellington International Airport

Most people flying to New Zealand probably arrive at either Auckland or one of the two main airports on the South Island, Queenstown or Christchurch. But, oh boy, do they miss out! Not on magnificent airport infrastructure (sorry Wellington!) but definitely on an adventurous landing into Wellington International Airport (IATA: WLG). It was, without a doubt, the windiest approach into an airport that I’ve ever experienced – and l’ve experienced a few! Plus, they tell me that was a calm day! These guys here seem to agree with me.
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