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Guestblog: Antidotes to Jet Lag

After a long international flight, it’s common to wander around in a fog for the next couple of days. It can be an issue whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure. Even Paris loses some of its appeal when seen through a sleep-deprived haze! Seasoned flyers use a few tricks to tame jet lag or defeat it altogether. Reclaim those valuable first days on the ground with these strategies.

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OutTrippin brings the world’s first airport-only vacation

Throughout 2012 LateDeparture shared some interesting airport stories and news via our blog but this year we want to give our readers the chance to really experience the airports as a destination in their own right. Our founder and Chief Blogger, Tom, has developed a world-first trip in conjunction with that visits 4 of the best airports in the world in 48 hours and we wanted you to be the first to know about it.

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10 Budget Places you can still book for the Olympics

The start of the 2012 London Olympics is only a month away and it’s probably fair to say that if you’re only just thought about planning a trip to the games, you’re definitely a last-minute-person. However, to think that planning late always means paying outrageous prices is not necessarily correct. Our friends over at have kindly put together a selection of ten affordable accommodation options in London that are still available during the Olympics. Combine this with a last minute flight and one of our tips on how to make most of your airport experience and you’re on to win a medal yourself!

1.     Mary Rose Inn Hotel
Starting at $34.04 nightly, this charming two-star hotel is located in the center of the village of Saint Mary Cray in the London Borough of Bromley. The beautiful 16th century building provides guests with 45 comfortable rooms and is located only 25 minutes away for the city’s top sites including the London Eye, Buckingham Palace and Oxford Street. Find out more.

2.     Piccadilly Stop Guesthouse
Starting at $61.89 nightly, the stylish Piccadilly Stop Guesthouse offers chic and cozy guest rooms in the trendy district of Soho, Central London. Only a short distance away major attractions like Trafalgar Square, Covent Garden and Piccadilly Circus, this affordable guesthouse provides travelers with value and quality accommodations, along with a kitchen and free Wi-Fi. Find out more.

3.     Studios2let
Starting at $61.89 nightly, Studios2let boasts 145 attractive studio apartments right in Bloomsbury, Central London. Along with cozy accommodations, travelers will enjoy complimentary Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs, a well-equipped kitchenette and more.  Find out more.

4.     Chelsea Guest House
Starting at $41.95 nightly, travelers can shack up in this contemporary pad in London’s most prestigious neighborhood. The very exclusive Chelsea Guest House is a quick jaunt from London’s greatest museums including the National History Museum. Return home and relax with the Chelsea Guest House’s free Wi-Fi, in room kitchen, and plush bedding. With rooms comparable to topline hotels, guests receive a very personal experience without compromising luxury. Find out more.

5.     Britain’s B&B
Starting at $56.58 nightly, Britain’s B&B is only three miles away from the Olympic Stadium. The family owned B&B is sure to provide foreigners as well as those traveling in from around the UK a wonderful, welcoming, and warm experience. In addition, the cozy B&B offers great amenities such as Wi-Fi, laundry/washing facilities, and a kitchen. This English style B&B is only available to Find out more.

6.     Ascot Hotel
Starting at $42.43 nightly, Ascot Hotel boasts exceptional modern quality and décor in the heart of London. The Hotel runs its very own ethnic restaurant, and is known for its clean, impeccable, and simply warm service. Visitors of Ascot Hotel are sure to receive both a wonderfully unique stay within steps of all London has to offer. Find out more.

7.     Romanos Hotel
Starting at $64.43 nightly, Romanos Hotel offers bright airy rooms in London’s premiere Pimlico district. Travelers can pop over to London’s best attractions including Buckingham Palace and the Houses of Parliament or can relax by the beautiful River Thames, which is only 500 meters away! Find out more.

8.     St. Johns B&B
Starting at $47.15 nightly, St. Johns B&B is the perfect picture of cozy elegance. The Victorian house is located in the quaint and darling High gate Village that is home to Old English restaurants and pubs including their own bar and restaurant. London city life seekers are close to public transport including buses and trains. Find out more.

9.     Olympic House B&B
Starting at $51.07 nightly, Olympic House B&B is not only a short walk away from the Olympic Park but also O2 Arena. The Arena is home to the “football” team, top of the line concerts, and Live TV show events like the London hit X Factor. If you are not already overloaded with entertainment, getting from this clean and comfy digs to central London is just an easy Tube ride away. Find out more.

10.  High Street Guest House
Starting at $56.58 nightly, the charming High Street Guest House is ideal for visiting London. Travelers can easily pop over to the renowned Tate Museum, London Zoo, St. Paul’s Cathedral, or grab tea at the endless nearby cafes. High Street Guest House is a warm comfortable home base for worldwide travelers providing amenities like free Wi-Fi, baggage storage, and no charge for children under five. Find out more.

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New website helps you find the best way into town

Picture this: you’ve followed our guides and had a great time at your departure airport and your flight was on time. Then you get to your destination and realise you have absolutely no idea how to get into the city. Rings a bell? There’s now a website that can help you out: Cityhook

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New app to help you calculate baggage fees and allowances

What is my checked baggage allowance and how much does it cost me if I go over it are two questions many travellers ask themselves before they embark on a trip. One way of finding answers to these questions is to sift through piles of terms and conditions from the airline you are flying with, another one is to reach out to third party helpers like iflybags.

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Infographic: America’s most tech-friendly airports and airlines

MacBook Pro equipped travellers have long been known for their pickyness when flying from A to B. Not any airport or airline would do, they had to offer connectivity throughout the journey. These days travellers are no longer just the geeks from yesteryear as nearly everyone wants to connect their fancy gadgets through Wi-Fi in airports and on-board. Yet not all airports and planes are equally tech-friendly. If you are travelling through the US, you’re in luck as you can now check the below infographic to find the best way to fly with all your gear.

Extensive research from PC World on the busiest airports and other data from the New York Times flew into the graphic revealing which airports have fast upload and download speeds and which airlines give you the most tech amenities like mobile check-ins and Wi-Fi on-board. Plus there is much, much more as you will surely discover (click to expand):

What Are the Best Airports for Business Travelers?
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Guestblog: New Comparison Tool for Choosing the Right Airline

Choosing an airline can be a big decision. Some go straight for the cheapest flight option, while some look around for a great frequent flyer program; but no matter what, everyone wants their flight to be on time. What good is a cheap flight if you miss the meeting you’re flying in for? There are plenty of ways to entertain yourself during a flight delay (see other LateDeparture posts), but what if you could proactively avoid airlines that are consistently late?  Fortunately, a new airline comparison helps search through and compare airlines by percentage of flights on time, so you can make sure you’ll be arriving in timely fashion. Here is a little preview of the top 3 Airlines for On Time Flights… Continue reading Guestblog: New Comparison Tool for Choosing the Right Airline

Long-haul flights: a survival guide

Many cattle class travellers dread long-haul flights. It doesn’t have to be that way though. With good preparation and some clever choices even a 14-hour-trip can become very bearable if not even enjoyable. The following “survival” guide – split into two sections, before and during the flight – will help you overcome some of that anxiety. Let’s get right into it:

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App review: Follow your flight path with ‘WindowSeat’

Ever starred out of your window on a flight and asked yourself what those interesting looking landmarks are? If so then you surely discovered that with your mobile phone in flight mode, a quick Google query is out of the question and the airline’s flight information system won’t really reveal much either, there’s not much you can do. Or is there?

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