New website helps you find the best way into town

Picture this: you’ve followed our guides and had a great time at your departure airport and your flight was on time. Then you get to your destination and realise you have absolutely no idea how to get into the city. Rings a bell? There’s now a website that can help you out: Cityhook

The new service lets travellers select their arrival airport to then show the various options for getting into town. For example if you land at London Heathrow (LHR) the site offers you the option of taking the Express Train (Heathrow Express), a regular train, a taxi, the CityBus or the Express Bus priced between £2.20 (Bus) and £55 (Taxi).

The site then provides you with an indicator of comfort and how long the services will take to get you in to the city. In our London example, the cheapest option also takes the longest, however, the most expensive one isn’t the quickest (which we can confirm is correct most of the time). This type of information is certainly very useful to anyone unfamiliar with a city.

Currently Cityhook only features European cities, but there it has a wide range, everything from Aberdeen to Zurich. A service definitely worthwhile checking out: