New app to help you calculate baggage fees and allowances

What is my checked baggage allowance and how much does it cost me if I go over it are two questions many travellers ask themselves before they embark on a trip. One way of finding answers to these questions is to sift through piles of terms and conditions from the airline you are flying with, another one is to reach out to third party helpers like iflybags.

iflybags from Farelogix has recently launched its iPhone app that makes it almost effortless for travelers to determine baggage fees and allowances. Travelers simply input their baggage and flight information for an accurate, up-to-date baggage fee and/or allowance calculation across hundreds of airlines.

The app uses patent-pending technology to recommend the best combination of checked bags for multiple travelers on a single itinerary, taking into account traveler frequent flyer status as well any airline-specific rules for checked bags or gear. This ensures travelers receive a specific fee quote with the lowest-cost way to check their bags.

“Checked bag fees are nothing new, but travelers want an easy way to find out just how much luggage they can take with them and what they have to pay,” said Jim Davidson, President and CEO of Farelogix. “The website was the first to provide this information in an easily accessible, consumer-friendly format, and we’re pleased to provide the first mobile app that enables travelers to calculate baggage fees and allowances from anywhere – even on the cab ride to the airport.”

The iflybags app is available for download from the App Store for an introductory price of $0.99. Alternatively the iflybags website offers the same service for free.