Infographic: America’s most tech-friendly airports and airlines

MacBook Pro equipped travellers have long been known for their pickyness when flying from A to B. Not any airport or airline would do, they had to offer connectivity throughout the journey. These days travellers are no longer just the geeks from yesteryear as nearly everyone wants to connect their fancy gadgets through Wi-Fi in airports and on-board. Yet not all airports and planes are equally tech-friendly. If you are travelling through the US, you’re in luck as you can now check the below infographic to find the best way to fly with all your gear.

Extensive research from PC World on the busiest airports and other data from the New York Times flew into the graphic revealing which airports have fast upload and download speeds and which airlines give you the most tech amenities like mobile check-ins and Wi-Fi on-board. Plus there is much, much more as you will surely discover (click to expand):

What Are the Best Airports for Business Travelers?
Via: Online MBA News