Las Vegas McCarran Airport: Playing Location Scout

A couple of months ago we wrote about the glamorous side of Las Vegas’ McCarran International Airport (IATA: LAS; LD hub page). Whilst we found a lot of movies that were filmed at the famous airport, we weren’t sure about most of the locations. So this time, when we visited the airport, we got some professional advice – directly from the airport’s PR team.

The films below were partially filmed at the airport. For most of them, you can still get to the exact location they were filmed at:

Interestingly, we were told there were numerous reality TV shows that were also filmed at the airport. They include Paris Hilton, M.C. Hammer, The Kardashians, MTV Real World and the season finale of The Amazing Race 2009.

Unfortunately if you think spotting one of these movie or TV stars at the airport is easy we have to disappoint you. Because the airport has an entirely separate area for high rollers and (super-)stars, the chance of you spotting someone famous is very slim. However, those who still want to be among the crowd and therefore do arrive at the public side of the airport are most likely to exit through the limo pick-up area on level zero. Don’t hold your breath though! But do let us know when you spot one – good luck!

 [Photo from Flickr – Some rights reserved by work the angles]

  • Cook

    Spare me!  I’m not a star gazer and I’ve not been to LV for 30+ years.  I enjoyed reading through the above film and TV list above, but I must confess that I’ve heard of only a few ot the titles.  I gave up on ‘The Movies’ about 15 years ago when I realized that 1) the popcorn stand was fucking me and 2) the audience was not going to shut up.  The TV went into OFF mode about 10 years ago and, save the odd tape or DVD from my public library, stays in OFF mode.  Reading is a lot more productive. 

  • I was in and out of McCarran a few years back – I was not location scouting at the time, but, actually being a location scout, every trip is a busman’s holiday of sorts 😉

    Not being from the area I thought the slot machines in the airport (and everywhere in NV you turn 🙂 were interesting, also I liked that airport was pretty close to town.

    I’ve seen Ocean’s 13 and the Mexican 🙂 I am surprised lots more movies have not been filmed at McCarran.

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    McCarran airport has always been one of my favourites, it always gives me that in the movies feeling, a bit like JFK.

    Next time I go I will be using this information to visit exactly were some of the scenes were shot, when possible of course.( a bit sad I know )

  • cheap vegas flights

    The slot machines are real eye opener if your not expecting them! Like you I am surprised that there are not more movies filmed there, it”s a great location and a great state popular throughout the World.