Little Britain’s Airport mockumentary premiers on BBC America

Little Britain stars Matt Lucas and David Walliams return to make a new US television appearance in their airport “mockumentary”, Come Fly With Me on BBC America. The new series starting this Saturday features the duo as they play almost 50 characters found in a fictional airport terminal. A few weeks back we wrote an article about the show being mostly filmed at Stansted airport (IATA: STN; LD reviewed), 48km (30mi) outside of  London.

After airing in Britain and Australia, the show now moves over the pond to entertain the US viewers. As we highlighted in our previous article, the show the show is a must-see for any traveller: many scenes will seem familiar to you, even though they are (obviously) taken to a next hilarious version of what you might have experienced at some point.

Walliams and Lucas are brilliant in showing off their talent through a wide range of characters. Among the group are Omar, the owner of Flylo, Britain’s eighth favorite low-cost airline, the world’s laziest coffee kiosk lady, Precious Little, and Flylo’s check in girls, Melody and Keely. Also featured are the snobby staff members of Great British Air, the country’s most prestigious airline. The skilled performances are enhanced by award-winning costume and make-up teams. Come Fly With Me premieres Saturday, 18 June, 11.30pm ET/PT on BBC America. Video sneak previews can be found on the show’s US website.

[Photo from BBC America – all rights reserved]