London Stansted: Come fly with me

It’s no secret, LateDeparture has always had a love-hate-relationship with the UK’s third busiest airport. Whilst the airport itself is quite alright, it can feel crowded plus the pure nature of mainly operating low cost carrier can add to the airports stress level (as reviewed a while back). Now, however, the airport presents itself in an entirely different light. And it’s not because of the UK Competition Commission’s turnaround of allowing BAA keep owning the airport, it’s a different story: the actors from the controversial but highly acclaimed comedy show, Little Britain, Matt Lucas and David Walliams launched a spoof of British documentaries Airport and Airline. The series officially started in Britain on Christmas day last year and follows the activity at a fictional airport and three airlines: FlyLo (a low-cost airline), Our Lady Air (an Irish low-cost airline) and Great British Air (a major international British airline).

A fictional airport? Not really. Whilst the show can’t doesn’t name the airport, travellers will recognize many scenes were filmed at London’s Stansted Airport (IATA: STN; LD reviewed). According to Wikipedia, the actors spent three weeks at the London airport to film the first series. Some shots are based on another  British airport: Robin Hood Airport Doncaster Sheffield (IATA: DSA).

The six episode first series has already finished in the UK but is now being launched internationally with Australia broadcasting it from this week and other countries including the US are likely to follow. A second series is also thought to be produced later this year.

As a frequent traveller, the show is a must-see: many scenes will seem familiar to you, even though they are (obviously) taken to a next, more comedy version of what you might have experienced at some point. Also Walliams and Lucas are just great in showing off their talent through a wide range of characters. Make sure to check out a number of short clips on the show’s BBC website. Overall, however, the show doesn’t quite reach the same laughter levels as Little Britain. Nevertheless it’s a welcome distraction to any stressed traveller helping to forget the pain today’s air travel can cause sometimes. Finally, it might even help London Stansted’s fame if they market it well.

[Photo from Wikipedia]