This week’s airport events: Bears, Bites and an Orchestra

This week three US airports caught our attention: First on Tuesday there was San Francisco’s International Airport (IATA: SFO; LD reviewed) which made headlines with the arrival of the first scheduled Airbus A380 flight. The Lufthansa plane with flight number 454 landed at the Northern Californian airport on Tuesday morning for the first time and was welcomed by a fire truck and many eager plane spotters as reported by the San Francisco Chronicle.

On Saturday Miami’s International Airport (IATA: MIA; LD reviewed) surprised travelers with a free concert by the Miami Symphony Orchestra. The performance, titled Romantic Finale, was part of the MISO’s Music in Unsuspected Spaces program, and a perfect complement to the airport’s efforts to offer more art and culture, wrote the Miami Herald.

Less harmonic news arrived from the third US airport, Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (IATA: MSP): A woman denied access to her flight to Salt Lake City for allegedly being drunk, bit a police officer while being restrained. The officer’s wound required that he be given baseline tests for hepatitis, AIDS and rabies, wrote the Star Tribune.

Speaking of animal type of behaviour, Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi International Airport (IATA: BKK) made shocking headlines when a first class passenger on its way to Dubai was arrested after authorities found his suitcases were filled with exotic baby leopards, panthers, monkeys and a bear (not pictured). The animals are now safe and being cared for, writes ABC News.

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[Photo from Flickr – Some rights reserved by florianrieder]

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