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Sleeping at the airport: Top 10 Pics

Airports can be a pain especially when lengthy delays occur, you overdid it the night before or, the nightmare for all of us, the combination of the two. The best in these situations is to behave like an idiot to keep calm, find yourself a comfortable spot and fall asleep. Want to see some examples? Okay, here are our Top-10 pictures of people sleeping at airports:

10. Neatly ligned up
Number 10

9. Awkward position
Number 9

8. Stack ’em up
Number 8

7. Double dreaming
Number 7

6. Beauty sleep
Number 6

5. Vegas, Baby!
Number 5

4. Nice spot
Number 4

3. Even nicer spot
Number 3

2. How many legs?
Number 2

1. Sir, sleep, Sir!
Number 1

[All pictures from Flickr – click on the photos to get to the original page – some rights reserved]