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The Future of Airport Security

With the 10 year anniversary of America’s 9/11 attacks fast approaching, many articles are popping up about how this event changed the aviation industry. Everyone agrees that air travel hasn’t been the same ever since. Many new and sometimes questionable security measures have been introduced making travelling through an airport a rather lengthy and sometimes purely uncomfortable process. But what does the future of airport security hold? Msnbc.com’s Bill Briggs wrote an interesting article about exactly that.

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New Iris Scanners to speed up airport security

Frequent travellers and residents in London already love it: the iris scanner that awaits you for checking your identity upon entering the United Kingdom. The system aptly called IRIS (which stands for “iris recognition immigration system”) is very popular there and certainly makes immigration procedures a lot quicker. Now IATA, the International Air Transport Association unveiled a new technology at their annual meeting this week which could cut the time it takes to clear security checks at airports from the current 35-minute average down to seconds while it also dramatically improves security.

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Airport Installs 3D Body Scanners to Catch Criminals

3D Body Scanner at Kelowna airportThis could be exciting – Kelowna airport in Canada installs the first 3D Body Scanners. Watch your flight time carefully next time your fly home from this British Colombia airport as starring at your 3D image could become addictive…

“The paddles rotate around the body. The radio frequency penetrates the clothing … bounces off the skin and gives … a 3-D holographic image of the body,” said Ian McNaugton, the National Sales Manager for L3 Communications, which makes the machines.

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