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Upstate New York’s Syracuse Airport: Yawn!

Syracuse is the fifth most populous town of the state New York and as pretty much all US towns of that size, it has an airport. Well, of course it does, otherwise we wouldn’t be writing about it. The airport, Syracuse Hancock International Airport (IATA: SYR) is, according to Wikipedia, a joint civil-military public airport located 7.4 km (4.6 mi) northeast of Syracuse. The main terminal complex is located at the eastern end of Colonel Eileen Collins Boulevard.

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Video report: LAX to Hollywood on a budget

A little while back we reviewed Los Angeles International Airport (IATA: LAX; LD hub page). With the help of the friendly LAWA staff, we were able to provide you with plenty of options for when you have ample time at this massive airport. One of the most interesting suggestions, however, was the one where you can get to Hollywood Boulevard when you have 4 hours or more and are on a budget. We now put this to the test – in true LateDeparture style. Click on the video above to watch it or view it directly on YouTube.

JFK Terminal 5: JetBlue’s amazing terminal

Have you ever dreamt of an airport with an attractive, yet functional design? An airport with beautiful and innovative food outlets, great shopping? Or what about an occasional live concert? And on top of it all speedy and efficient operations? Dream no longer, this airport actually does exist: It’s called Terminal 5, the dedicated JetBlue terminal at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York (IATA: JFK, LD hub page).

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A solid mid-of-the-range airport: Brisbane International Terminal

I’ve been in Brisbane quite a few times but whenever I landed there it’s always been the domestic terminal. So when I recently got a chance to fly out of Queensland’s capital to Port Moresby (IATA: POM; LD reviewed), I took the opportunity and reviewed the international terminal of Brisbane Airport (IATA: BNE) for my loyal readers:

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Exotic Port Moresby Airport

Port Moresby, the capital of Papua New Guinea (PNG) – a beautiful and vastly unexplored country North of the Eastern tip of Australia – is nothing you’d call out of the ordinary. Yes, Port Moresby is fairly accessible from Australia and a few Asian countries, but the people you’d see on those planes wouldn’t be your typical tourists. In fact, most of them won’t be tourists at all. Locals then? Nope, the locals mostly can’t afford the western priced airfares. Papua New Guinea’s per capita GDP lies at only US$2,500, putting the country at the bottom quarter of the global statistic. So who flies to PNG? Expats, businessmen, politicians and the one or other adventurous traveler, is the answer. It’s therefore not surprising that when you land at Port Moresby’s Jacksons International Airport (IATA: POM) the queue at the foreign residents visa counter is the longest; followed by the queue for visa-on-arrival (many nationalities can obtain a visa on arrival for 100 Kina/per person; check with the embassy of PNG in your country prior to your trip).

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Los Angeles International – LAX: the big review, part 2

Last week we started the big LAX review by describing what you can do if you have ample time at Los Angeles International Airport (IATA: LAX). For example, we showed you that you can reach the beach in 5 minutes or where you can dine in a sixties environment and spot exotic planes at the same time. In part two we are going to highlight what you can do if you are the active type or if you wanted to shop outside the airport. We then wrap it up with the popular ‘top-things-to-do list’.

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Los Angeles International – LAX: the big review, part 1

Arriving at any US airport can be a daunting task for International passengers. Not so at Los Angeles International Airport (IATA: LAX) where travelers arrive at the newly refurbished Tom Bradley International Terminal (TBIT) with customs procedures well organized and therefore being fairly efficient. After you collected your luggage, the arrival lounge then presents itself nice and modern. It is fitted with colour changing lights, you’ll find a cafe (“Daniel’s Bistro”, we wrote about it during our pre-trip research) and a place where greeting visitors can buy fresh flowers (what a great idea!). You will even find an art installation featuring a film strip with work from 17 artists.

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No hinterland airport: Cairns Domestic

I’ve been in two minds over reviewing this airport. On one hand, Cairns is only the 7th busiest airport in Australia and can I highly doubt anyone outside of Australia can actually name 7 cities on this continent, or am I wrong? But then for comparison, the George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Dallas Houston [corrected; apologies for the mistake], Texas (IATA: IAH) is the US 7th busiest airport and I’d certainly wouldn’t hesitate writing about that one.

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Video Walkthrough of Hong Kong International

Since Christmas is only a few short days away, I thought it’s time to unwrap this little jewel: when I went to Hong Kong a short while back, I recorded a video blog review of the airport and edited it later at home. The sound isn’t the best, but I think you will enjoy this walk-through footage of Hong Kong International (IATA: HKG) anyway. After all, I’ve previously reviewed this great airport in the usual LateDeparture style, so a little more “colour” this time can’t be wrong!

I hope you enjoy it – merry Christmas everyone and save travels!