80 days at the airport without flying anywhere

In Vancouver, Canada, 29 year old Jaeger Mah, won a contest sponsored by Vancouver International airport (IATA: YVR) to mark its 80th year. The airport invited anyone willing to living there to submit a video application and then let people vote for the best one. Mah won with 4,128 votes.

He moved in on 17 August and has been spending his nights at the Fairmont Vancouver Airport hotel. His “job description” had him exploring the airport and video blogging his stories through his journey. There’s the official website featuring all the content, a Facebook page and his Twitter account.

As the final day of his gig has come today, we wonder what sort of key insights he gained. Well, Mah told the Associated Press that in his 80 days he’s figured out which VIP lounges will feed him and which have the best snacks.

Airport spokeswoman Rebecca Catley told the AP that the goal of the project was to show people how an airport works. “A lot of people don’t realize what goes on at an airport. We get a lot of requests for behind-the-scenes tours. We can’t do that from a security perspective,” she says.

With Mah leaving the airport today, he will leave behind a wealth of insider video bites about how Vancouver airport operates. The question will now be what is the next big marketing stunt an international airport comes up with? We can’t wait to find out!

[Picture from Live@YVR]

  • it’s a weird experience. I guess after spending 80 days in an airport you can’t be lost anymore when you leave for your holidays.