This week: Two continued stories, Angola and the TSA

As another week comes to an end another weekly round-up of airport aviation news is due from us! There’s a bit of interesting follow up to do from last week’s news, news from a often forgotten continent and finally a three-letter-acronym that oftentimes makes news – this time it’s, well, juicy…

First of all, a big relieve for all cat lovers. The kitty, Jack that went missing at New York’s John F. Kennedy International airport (IATA: JFK) when its owner relocated – we wrote about it in our last week’s news – has been found. He’s alive and according to our friends at Reuters the pet cat which was missing for two months has been discovered alive in a customs room. The owner now plans to pick the cat up herself to make sure it arrives safely in her new hometown of San Francisco.

Then on Tuesday we wrote about how Bangkok’s Don Mueang International Airport (IATA: DMK) became a refugee point for hundreds of flood victims. Later in the week it was reported that floodwaters began pouring over sandbagged barriers protecting Bangkok’s second airport, forcing a halt to commercial flights after airlines based there suspended operations (Business Week).

This week we also heard from a continent that rarely makes it into the news: Africa. According to the Agencia Angola Press the minister of Transports, Augusto Tomás, announced that a new airport of the country’s capital Luanda shall be totally concluded within 26 months. According to the article, the minister considered the project as very important for the strategy and socio-economic development of the country. The new airport will be built about 40 km from the city and is scheduled to replace the one currently in use, Quatro de Fevereiro International Airport (IATA: LAD).

And finally we have the TSA in the news again. This time the US Transport Security Administration made news with an agent leaving a note in a passenger’s luggage after finding a vibrator when screening the checked bag at Newark International Airport (IATA: EWR). Forbes published the photo of the actual note which reads “get your freak on girl”. Two days later the same source then revealed that the TSA agent who wrote the note was found and penalized. According to Forbes, TSA has done an impressive job investigating the incident and apologizing to the traveler, Jill Filopovic, who blogs at Feministe.

Let’s leave it at that and conclude our round-up. Have a great new week everyone!

[Photo from Flickr – Some rights reserved by Jairus]