December brings Christmas themes to Airports

The calendar has just flipped to December and with that into the silly festive season building up to Christmas 2010. And, oh boy, does this mean a busy period for airports as Millions of people will be travelling to their loved ones or are escaping on to their long deserved vacation, away from it all. What ever it is, it means a lot of people’s choice of transport is a plane.

With that, I’m sure many travellers don’t particularly look forward to their actual flight in December as it often means long queues at check-ins (not to speak of any extra annoyances like the body scanners in the US), delays due to heavy weather (fog, snow) or any other unpleasantries you can think of (I can, for example, think of strikes).

But there’s a silver lining on the horizon as a few airports are thinking further and extended the Xmas themed atmosphere to their departure and transit areas. It’s no big surprise then that Singapore’s Changi airport is (again, remember that fun slide?) at the forefront of it all and installed an entire “Christmas Fantasy Experience” at their flagship terminal 3:

This festive season, celebrate a truly magical Christmas at Singapore Changi Airport with a string of fun-filled activities for the entire family! Themed Changi Christmas Fantasy, passengers and airport visitors can expect a host of festive activities with a magical twist. From fanciful festive décor, fabulous giveaways, song and dance performances to exciting activities for children and shopping offers, holiday makers arriving at Changi and families visiting the airport will find that Changi Airport is the place to be!

You can read the full details on their website.

So with all that, relax, try to fly through Singapore airport 😉 and make sure you read our articles about what you can do in that hopefully rare case your flight is delayed. Oh, one last thing: don’t bring those Christmas Crackers in your carry-on luggage (see photo – by Flickr – some rights reserved).

  • Among the countries in SE Asia, I think Singapore has one of the most festive Christmas celebrations. The holiday spirits already welcomes the tourist at the airport and it goes on throughout the whole city.