Kuala Lumpur LCCT: A long way from the action

“Oh cool, you’re going to KL … are you flying into KLIA or KL LCCT, if KLIA, you should take the KLIA Ekspres to Sentral from there, take a taxi to KLCC?” It almost seems abbreviations have their origin in Malaysia’s capital, Kuala Lumpur or, err, KL.

Well, let me introduce you to the secret language of KL:

That wasn’t so hard, was it? But let’s now focus on KL LCCT (IATA: KUL) which is kind of an airport within an airport. Wikipedia has the following explanation of it:

The first purpose built Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) was specifically built at KL International Airport to cater to the growing passengers of the low cost airlines, especially the passengers of Malaysia’s “no-frills” airline, AirAsia.

Bingo, that sounds like a great idea, doesn’t it? It’s not.

The “extension” is located on the opposite side of the apron from the Main Terminal Building (KLIA), near the cargo area. By road, LCCT is about 20 km (!) from the Main Terminal Building; this is important to factor in when you’re choosing you’re route out. Don’t make the mistake we made and board a shuttle bus to the main terminal building (thinking it was 1 minutes away) and then take the KLIA Ekspres from there. First of all, this will cost you about 4 times more and secondly, the buses departing straight in front of the KL LCC terminal (you have the choice of several different companies) take you directly into KL Sentral in at least the same time, if not quicker – approx an hour depending on traffic.

When departing, there are a few things you can do at this terminal, although KL LCCT is nowhere near as entertaining as its richer big sister (read our review here):

  • Since you’re at LCCT and the LC stands for Low Cost, surprise, “there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch, dinner or breakfast” so make sure you stock up with some goodies from the small supermarket on the public side of the terminal before going through security
  • Then, right after security, there’s a toy shop where you can buy “bribes” for that little monster in the seat in front of you (did I just say that?)
  • Now this is a real find: you’ll be amazed at the selection of sweet and savoury delicacies that the ‘Country’s Tid-Bits & Candies Cottage’ has to offer. Trust me, amazing they are: You will find anything from boring safe candy’s, liquorice plum, dried mangoes and kiwi pulp, various cookies, nuts and chips to the taste bud challenging dried spicy cuttlefish. I dare you to try it! The best thing with the store is that you can try everything before you buy! (Find some pictures here)
  • Use your last Ringgits or get some fresh ones from the ATM in the terminal and shop for your life at the souvenir shop offering all sorts of tackiness (I actually bought a Twin tower fridge magnet there, I must confess…). If you’re not into shopping, count the amount of different merchandise they offer with – wait for it – the twin towers on it.
  • If by now you either feel sick from trying all that dried fish or are thirsty from counting, go next door and buy my all time favourite KL drink, a ‘100plus’. How good is it, people? Now you wish you filled the remaining luggage with this wonderful, thirst-quenching drink. Good news is AirAsia also sell it onboard.

Airport Facts and Ratings

Airport Name Kuala Lumpur, Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT)
Website http://lcct-klia.com
Design LateDeparture.com Plane Award Point
Shopping LateDeparture.com Plane Award Point
Toilets LateDeparture.com Plane Award PointLateDeparture.com Plane Award Point
Overall LateDeparture.com Plane Award PointLateDeparture.com Plane Award Point
Chanel No 5 Eau de Parfum, 100ml at the Duty Free Shop not available at LCCT
Bottle of Veuve Cliquot at the Duty Free Shop MYR 320 (Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin Rose)

[Picture from Flickr – some rights reserved]

  • I don’t get the concept of having an airport built only for the budget airlines. But I guess with its growing lists and more passengers opting for this, it is a good way to lessen the crown at the main terminal. Actually a third airport terminal was also built in Manila for budget airlines, but it has more advanced facilities and a better structure compared to the old Terminal 1.

  • Steph Lim

    The low cost airports pay less tax so that your overall ticket is cheaper. Anything that makes a ticket cheaper is good!

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