25 departures you want to miss

There have been many articles about scary or plain (got it?) dangerous airports in the past, for example this one here from the Sydney Morning Herald in 2009 which even names JFK Airport in New York as one of them due to its congested flight paths it shares with Newark and La Guardia. Our friends over at CarHire.org (yes, you read that right; I don’t know either what car hire has to do with scary airports, but who cares?) went  further and provided a top-25 list of the scariest runways. All but one include direct YouTube videos which of course helps to illustrate the point.

My favourite? Of course Wellington at number 15 (I wrote about it here). Now check out which one you like best:

Some people have a genuine fear of flying. It can be a bit unnerving floating in mid-air, but luckily the law of physics is on our side.

What can be truly terrifying is when the airplane we’re in has to land at an airport with a runway that’s a bit too short, at an awkward angle or in some other way forces us to bite our nails as we come in for our final descent.

If flying isn’t your idea of a good time, you’ll definitely want to pop a valium before taking off or landing at any of these airports.

You can find their full article here.

[Picture from CarHire.org]

  • Airport runways can be scary especially once you get a glimpse on how it looks like. Just like in the Philippines, most domestic airports especially those on far places are not really well-developed that oftentimes I find myself thinking twice if I should just choose another means of transportation to get to the next destination.