Aisle or Window?

Aisle or a window seat? I’m sure many of you think about this question already at home weeks before your actual flight. All of us passengers have to make a choice at some point though and I’ve seldom heard anyone saying they are indifferent about their seat selection. I, for example, have a rule where on short flights of 5 hours or less I will always want a window seat, but on long-haul flight I prefer the aisle.

Mark Vanhoenacker will always choose the window seat though. Mark is pilot, but that’s not the point, obviously in the cockpit he has a window in front of him, but Mark goes for the window seat every time he sits in the back of an aircraft too. And no, not for safety reasons, simply because he enjoys the magnificent views one is often presented on landing at many of the world’s airports.

In the New York Times, Mark recently wrote about his experience in the window seat and what you can view on what destination:

While all frequent fliers will have their favorites, some cities are perennial winners. Passengers flying to San Francisco, for example, are regularly treated to marvelous views of its bridges, hills and microclimates.

Read everything in the full article. You can also submit your own window seat views here. A selection of pictures will be published on the 25th April.

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  • If I’m travelling first time to a country, I would prefer to have the window seat. The feeling of seeing how the plane touched down just makes me excited.