A must-have tool for the seasoned traveler: FlightTrack Pro

If you asked me what the most useful online travel tool is the answer would have to be Tripit. The service allows you to forward your travel confirmation emails to plans@tripit.com and automatically get a master itinerary with all their plans, plus daily weather, local maps, city guides and more.

Tripit now just got better with the help of the guys from Appropos Mobile who announce the launch of their newest development on Monday: FlightTrack Pro for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The clever application automatically provides real-time flight cancellations, delays, gate changes, route maps, 10-day weather forecasts and more. FlightTrack Pro is the first application to synchronize TripIt itineraries to its service on iPhone and iPod touch and is available through the iTunes store for US$ 9.99 – a must-have tool for every seasoned traveler.

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