The Quest to Find Starbucks at Berlin Tegel

A couple weeks ago we were all challenged to find the Starbucks shop at Berlin Tegel (IATA: TXL). I then even commented that I was totally unaware of a Starbucks at Tegel. In fact, I was very surprised to hear there was one since I’ve been to this airport dozens of times in the past and have never spotted the coffee shop. So, is it really that well hidden? Well, watch the video and see for yourself as I went on “The Quest to Find Starbucks at Berlin Tegel”.

  • Hi Tom, you are magic. I live in Berlin and fly from TXL all the time. And its you that shows me the Strarbucks of Tegel? Weird. I belived it was a fun movie still when you started to walk up the stairs. Must be a new form of guerilla marketing. Its so guerilla that no one notices it…

  • Tom

    I know! Weird to hide a Starbucks in such a way. But then I guess the alternative would have been hiding it somewhere aroung gate 8 so that you would always have to walk for 10 minutes to get there. Tricky decision 😉

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