What the hell can you do at Berlin’s Tegel Airport?

Despite its capital status Berlin has no representative airport so far – which leads to the hassle of few direct flights to international destinations and the question of how to spend your time at Tegel or Schönefeld when your flight is delayed since both airports are very small.

When you have several hours, go back home or to the city center as both airports are close to the city. If you have less time try this:

  1. Find out that “Tegel” is only one label – which man is honored by giving his name to the airport as well? (No internet research allowed!) One tip: He died in a plane crash.
  2. Find the Starbucks in the airport (This is a tricky one! I once thought I was at the wrong airport when somebody told me to meet at the Starbucks.)
  3. Walk around the circle of Tegel and count your steps. Add some entertainment for the other passengers by a) counting loudly b) running c) running trailing your luggage behind you! I assume that should take less than 3 minutes when you shout out loud enough so people jump out of your way (“Bahn frei, Osterei!”).


Please write down your records and I will try to beat them next time I fly from Tegel!


Airport name: Berlin Tegel Airport.
IATA code: TXL
Website: http://www.berlin-airport.de/EN/
Design factor: 1/5
Shopping factor: 1/5
Toilets factor: 2/5
Overall factor: 3/5 (because it’s just 10 minutes from my home and easy to reach!)

  • Tom

    Hm, there actually is a Starbucks at Tegel? Are you really sure? 😉 That really is a surprise, even to me who used to call Tegel my second home. I’ll definitely accept that challenge and will try to locate it next time I’m there!

  • Amy

    It said in the airport website that there is a starbucks in tegel airport. It’s in Boulevard Tegel. Would you know where that is? They didn’t put it in the terminal map.

  • Christiane

    Hey, who said that this is going to be an easy task? Would not be fun. I give you a hint: The Starbucks is in the upper level (yes there is a second level). 🙂

  • Next mission 1: Find the Otto-Lilienthal memory sculpture.
    Next mission 2: Go to the Lufthansa merchandise store and ask for the currency exchange rate for your BA miles into M&M miles.

  • Jeanlouis1905

    flying Wednesday I ll try to find the Starbucks since I have to spend 12 hours there, it should be plenty enough to find it….