Southwest Airlines 737-300 N310SW (MamaGeek)

This week: The wrong airport & amnesty boxes

We’re back in business! Do we hear you say, it’s about time? Yes, we agree – but it’s good to have a break every now and then. Mind you, our twitter feed continued to be maintained throughout the holidays covering some massive stories such as the crazy ice-age conditions in North America or odd ones like the one of the escaping Dachshund from Newark/New Jersey.

This week we’re covering two stories that caught our attention (yes, we’re starting at a slow pace as that’s what you do after a big break ;-)). Both are from the U.S. but they are quite different in regards to their topics:

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North Korea Pyongyang Sunan International Airport

This week: UK airport expansion shortlist revealed, Pyongyang airport photos & more

It’s our final airport news round-up for the year and with that we brought you the following stories:

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Airport Ciudad Real

This week: Spanish ghost airport up for grabs, snowy owls at JFK & more

This week is the second last week of our airport news reviews in 2013 before we take a – what we think – well deserved break. Let’s look at what we found this week then:

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Dallas/Fort Worth International

This week: DFW’s winter nightmare, glitch in the UK & more

Alright-y, let’s do this. It’s going to be a brief update this week as we’re sure everyone appreciates that given the Christmas craziness has officially started!

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U.S. airspace on a Sunday night

This week: Thanksgiving, China’s $1B airport flop, e-ciggies at LHR

Okay, we’re late again. But surely you can forgive us this week after all that Turkey we had to eat. Hang on a minute, you say, aren’t you guys based in Australia? Correct, but we’ve got so many followers from the USA, we’re bound to talk turkey! Anyhow, here are our airport topics from this (errr, last) week:

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Boeing 747-400LCF Dreamlifter

This week: Dreamlifter landed at wrong airport, LAX security scare & more

Another week has passed and it’s therefore our job to once again recap some of the main airport news articles from the week. This week we have the following for you:

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Boris Island Airport

This week: Boris island airports’ next chapter revealed & more

We’ve got a late departure ourselves this week since our update is published day later than usual. Well, even we aren’t faultless, hey? Here’s what we have for you from this week’s airport news around the world:

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Alligator grin

This week: Alligator found at Chicago, Fire in Montreal & ‘street view’ for Gatwick

Another week has passed and we’re back on with our weekly airport news round-up. This week we have the following topics for you

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'Dark coulds' news week

This week: Shooting at LAX, wild UK weather & more

OMG, that wasn’t a good airport week in terms of news types that came in. It already started mixed with wild UK weather overshadowing the opening of Dubai’s newest airport but it all went pear-shaped with Friday’s shooting at LAX. Here is the full list of our topics for his week, in chronological order:

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Heavy levels of smog in Harbin, China. December 2012.

This week: Smog closes airport, rowdy passengers in Florida & more

This week’s been another one that was dominated by airport news coming from the United States. We managed to find one or two from other parts of the world too though, here are our topics for this week:

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