This week: Singapore’s economic success thanks to its airport & more

We’re back from our relocation break, so let’s get straight into the airport related headlines we saw this week. Remember you can always see our more frequent updates on our twitter feed.

CNN published a very interesting article this week about our favourite airport: Singapore Changi Airport (SIN). The article talks about how well Changi did with its bet on a large airport as well as its future ambitions which are equally as bold. The last sentence in the piece probably sums it up best though: The airport is a source of national pride and its award-winning success is critical to the nation’s economic growth — acting as a gateway for Singapore to the rest of the world. Surely worth a read; the full article can be found here.

The next article comes from the New York Times and talks about John F. Kennedy Airport’s (JFK) current runway overhaul. Currently due to the resurfacing of the runways not all are in use but the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey that operates the airport was quoted saying that it can operate at almost-full speed with just three of its runways in use. The article also says that so far, in the seven weeks that the runway, known to pilots as 4L-22R, has been closed, its dormancy has not caused any noteworthy delays. Airlines have made some schedule changes to accommodate the runway project; airport officials have said that Kennedy would still handle as many as 76 takeoffs and landings per hour, down from 81. Well, rest assured that you will read it here on should it not go as smoothly as planned.

Everyone loves a good children’s story and if it is a true story, even more so. This story brings us to Florida and involves a 6-year old boy and a stuffed tiger named Hobbes. Tampa Bay News reported that Owen Lake, a 6-year old boy left behind his beloved stuffed tiger named Hobbes during a recent visit to Tampa International Airport (TPA). Luckily airport staff found Hobbes and decided to take his rescue a step further. According to the article Tony D’Aiuto, the airport operations center manager, took Hobbes on adventures all over the building. He photographed the stuffed animal at the air traffic control tower, indulging in some gelato, working out at the employee gym and hanging out with airport firefighters. Owen was reunited with his toy when he and his family returned from Houston on a late-night flight Thursday. The toy was waiting for him along with a book of Hobbes adventures in the airport’s lost and found. See the full story and the photographs the airport operations center manager took here.

And to finish the week off, we’re going to talk about carpets. Airport carpets. Yep. Seriously. Well, we previously covered a story about a carpet, when Portland International Airport (PDX) old carpet was sold to applicants. This time the Telegraph published an article about the various different carpets at airports around the world. Portland’s old carpet features too of course. Read the article here. That’s all for this week – safe travels.

[Photo Credit: Bryn Pinzgauer via Compfight cc]