This week: Another cat lost at JFK & more

It’s been a rather quiet week in the world of airport related news. Here’s what we found nevertheless:

This week we start with the gossip-type news that is normally reserved for our final item of the week. Why? Just because we can. Remember Jack the cat? The story of the cat that got lost and was later found again at JFK airport? This story even won our Airport News of the Year award in 2011. Anyway, this week news hit us that another cat was lost at the same airport. This time it happened on a flight from Abu Dhabi to New York. The cat’s name? Felix. According to CNN American Jennifer Stewart says she was devastated to learn that Etihad Airways lost her most important baggage following a recent trip from Abu Dhabi to New York City: her 2-year-old pet cat. According to Etihad Airways shortly after the plane arrived in New York that evening, Felix went missing somewhere on the grounds of Kennedy Airport (JFK). The airline is investigating the incident and is working with ground handlers at the New York airport to help locate the missing cat. In 2011 the cat was eventually found, but later had to be immunised due to its poor condition. Let’s hope the story ends better this time.

Another American airport appeared in our headlines this week: Newark Liberty International Airport in New York (EWR). According to Business Insider the airport hasn’t been known for its wide selection of eateries and drinking holes. Now, however, a $US120-million renovation to United Airlines’ Terminal C building will change all of that. Gone are the fast food joints and doughnut shops. A slew of celebrity chefs are creating eateries featuring cuisine from around the world. It’s all overseen by restaurateurs OTG Management. This surely is promising as OTG is also the company responsible for our most favourite New York airport terminal’s food outlets: JFK’s terminal 5, occupied by JetBlue.

And our last piece of the week comes from Japan: There, RocketNews 24 reported that this month Tokyo’s Narita Airport (NRT) added a new terminal specifically designed for low-cost carriers and budget travellers. Terminal 3 is set to prove that you don’t have to spend big to help people travel in ease and comfort. For example different sections of the flooring have different colours, serving as paths to the departure and arrival area. Those who are about to start their journey by soaring off into the blue sky should follow the similarly coloured blue track. On the other hand, if you’ve just landed, the earthy red paths will lead you to the arrival area. As an added bonus, this also reduces the need for costly electronic displays to guide travellers around the building. Check out their video explaining more of the unique, inexpensive design features of this new terminal:

That’s all for this week – safe travels!

[Title photo via CNN – some rights reserved]