Last week: Spain’s ghost airport is becoming alive

Yes, we’re a bit late this week and even had to change the title of our regular news review as a result of it. Oh well, let’s then get straight into the main story from last week as everything else really just seemed chatter compared to it.

So, last week we first heard through the British newspaper The Independent that Spain’s ‘ghost’ airport finally gets ready to welcome its first flights as Ryanair confirms routes between Castellón and the UK. LateDeparture reported about another abandoned Spanish airport several times (for example in this post here). Now the newspaper wrote that this white elephant is about to come to life after Ryanair confirmed that it is set to open routes to Castellon from Stansted (STN) and Bristol (BRS) airports in September.

The New York Times even saw this news as a sign for Spain’s economic turn-around when it wrote that the modest turnaround for Castellón’s airport comes as Spain is showing broader signs of an economic revival after its gross domestic product grew 1.4 percent last year.

Maybe there is even a glimpse of hope for Castellón’s larger cousin the Ciudad Real International Airport (CQM) too? The latest status there, according to Wikipedia, is that on 27 July 2014 the Commercial Court of Ciudad Real agreed to extend the deadline for the sale of the facility for a 7th time, lowering the asking price to €80m in an attempt to find a buyer.

That’s all for this week’s short update, save travels!

[Title photo: “El hombre avión” by SanbecOwn work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.]