This week: The search continues, how LaGuardia will never look & more

It seems as the world’s aviation news almost solely focused on the missing Malaysia Airlines flight this week. Well, it’s no surprise really as the mystery is griping the whole world. Here then are our topics for this week:

It’s definitely still the top topic around the world, and not just in aviation news: everyone is curious to know what happened to Malaysia Airlines 370. Whilst new theories were thrown up this week (such as the one of an electrical fire or the stealth flight conspiracy theory), the real focus now shifted to two large pieces found through  American military satellite pictures floating in the southern Indian Ocean, about 2,500km southwest of Perth, Australia.
Back in the home airport of that Boeing 777-200 flight Malaysian children turned an airport wall at Kuala Lumpur airport (KUL) into a colourful and emotional plea for the passengers’ safe return. Time Online has the gallery of the drawings.

New York’s LaGuardia airport (LGA) has seen some bad press over the past months. It was then a delight to see a rendering of a possible airport make-over published in Business Insider. The catch? It will never look like that as the firm that designed it isn’t in the running to win the Port Authority’s bid to redesign the airport. Still, we can dream of what could be, the article finishes with. Indeed we can.

Snow again was an issue this week at an American airport. This time it was Washington D.C.’s Reagan National Airport (DCA) where flights were grounded. USA Today wrote that more than 250 flights — 148 arrivals and 121 departures — had been grounded there on Monday. That figure accounted for close to a third of the airport’s total daily schedule.

And in our last article for the week The Age, a newspaper for the state Victoria in Australia, revealed that mosquitoes that spread the potentially deadly dengue and yellow fever viruses have been found at Melbourne Airport (MEL) in what appears to be a serious breach of Australia’s stringent quarantine system. According to the article the mosquitoes were first detected in bollards inside the airport’s baggage tunnels and health authorities have begun implementing an eradication plan to deal with the potential threat to public health. Sources say an investigation is under way to discover how the mosquitoes slipped through Australia’s stringent quarantine protocols.

With that have a great week and safe travels!