This week: chicken causes power failure, no lights out for Berlin

This week started with us becoming a little (more?) famous as Singapore’s Strait Times wrote about our little airport-only trip in their Sunday issue. Aside from that it was an average airport related news week. We found news from Berlin, London and Hawaii for you.

Let’s kick it off with the delay-plagued Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER). We’ve been writing about it for quite a while now and this week, we received word of another blunder during the construction of the new airport in Germany’s capital city when Sky News wrote that the terminal lights burn around the clock because the workers on site have no means to switch them off. “It has to do with the fact that we haven’t progressed far enough with our lighting system that we can control it,” Horst Amann, the airport’s technical director, apparently told Spiegel Online.

London’s airports also got their fair share of news this week when first Business Insider reported that British border officials have seized 94 kilogrammes (207 pounds) of dried caterpillars from a man who claimed they were “for personal consumption”, the Home Office said. According to the article officials at Gatwick Airport (LGW), south of London, found the bugs in the luggage of a 22-year-old man who flew in from Burkina Faso via Istanbul on February 23. the caterpillars breached British rules on importing products of animal origin and will be destroyed.

Secondly the BBC reported that Airline Ryanair said it plans to cut the number of flights from Stansted Airport (STN) by 9%. The announcement came as it emerged the airport had been sold to Manchester Airports Group for £1.5bn. Ryanair said it would be reducing weekly operations from the Essex airport by more than 170 flights because of increased fees at Stansted.

And to finish it off, this one here from Hawaii: A chicken got into a transformer at Hawaii’s Kahului Airport (OGG) on Tuesday afternoon, causing a power outage at the airport that left some passengers having to disembark their planes the old way – by mobile stairway, reported the Maui News. Wow.

That’s it for the week – safe travels!

[Photo from Flickr – Some rights reserved by SMcGarnigle]