This week: Atlanta best, Miami fastest and Santiago stranded

Wow, this week saw the launch of the world’s very first airport only trip. Sounds like we had our fingers in that one? You bet! In fact we’ve worked together with OutTrippin’s new service and tailored a fantastic airport adventure to explore 4 of the worlds best airports in 48 hours! Read more about how you can book this fabulous airport adventure here.

Let’s get to some other news of the week now though: Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson airport (ATL) was in the spot light this week when the US airport was voted the best airport for dining, and placed third for activities to keep children occupied, a survey by Travel Leaders Group found, published by Reuters. The big price though was that the airport was voted to have the best services and amenities of any in the United States and scored top marks for business travel and connecting flights.

Elsewhere in the country a scare went through Boston’s Logan airport (BOS) on Thursday when Passengers on Delta flight 2101 to Atlanta were evacuated on the runway. In a 7 News article a spokesperson for Delta said the airplane encountered an issue with one of its wheel brake mechanisms on the taxiway. The 143 passengers deplaned on the tarmac and were bused to the terminal.

Earlier in the week the Daily Mail brought us an interesting story about a tourist that has been stranded in an airport for more than two months in a real-life tale that has echoes of Tom Hanks’ smash-hit movie The Terminal. According to the article Spaniard Rodrigo Ben-Azul has become a familiar sight at Santiago Airport (SCL), in the capital of Chile, ever since he ran out of money. The movie The Terminal was in part inspired by the story of Iranian refugee Mehran Karimi Nasseri who spent 17 years living in the Charles de Gaulle International Airport’s Terminal I in Paris (CDG), France, from 1988 to 2006.

And to finish the week of we’ve got a fast car for you. A fast car – isn’t this an airport blog? Yes, of course and an airport is of course involved in the story: Fox News reported that the Lamborghini Aventador Roadster has become the first car to travel faster than an airplane down a runway at Miami International Airport (MIA). And it did it with the top down. According to the news article the 692 hp supercar hit 210 mph (335 km/h) on the airport’s south runway, confirmed by a Mami-Dade Police laser speed gun. In comparison Jumbo jets using the airstrip have a takeoff speed between 150-180 mph (240-290 km/h) and typically don’t break 200 mph (320 km/h) until they’ve left the ground.

That’s all for this week – safe travels!

[Picture from Wikipedia – some rights reserved]