Last week: Turkey’s ambitions, winter havoc and Zeta-Jones

Nomen est omen? Right, we’re late and hence we want to update you as quickly as possible on last week’s airport activities. So forgive us for taking a few shortcuts and get right into the stories.

The weather seemed to have played a major part on most of last weeks airport (delay) stories. For example there was England that got hit with a winter storm that caused widespread havoc and long delays. It’s hardly surprising then that the Telegraph run a story blaming the local players for much of the chaos. They wrote that Heathrow Airport (LHR) and British Airways have been criticised for failing to prevent the widespread disruption experienced by travellers due to snow at the weekend.

On the other side of the Atlantic, strong winds from a winter storm caused some issues in Buffalo when USA Today wrote that a 737 jet was blown into a tanker at Buffalo Niagara International Airport (BUF). You will find photo evidence on the paper’s website.

Back to Europe where we heard some interesting news from Turkey. According to the Business Insider, Turkey is planning to build the world’s biggest airport in Istanbul, the country’s Transportation Minister Binalis Yilidrim said last week. According to the article the new airport is expected to be built in four stages; it could be operational and capable of serving 90 million annual passengers by 2017. Certainly a very ambitious plan if you ask us!

And finally (we told you it will be a fast update), something for our gossip lovers. Last week the Daily Mail reported that Catherine Zeta-Jones has been jet-setting about promoting one new movie – Broken City with Russell Crowe – while filming yet another called Red 2 with Bruce Willis. The article then said that when she flew into Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). on Monday, she looked ready for anything. That’s great to know – check out how ready she looked on the newspaper’s website.

That’s all for this, errh last week. Safe travels!

[Photo of approach over Istanbul by Flickr – Some rights reserved by CyberMacs]