This week: bees on a plane, a new airport invention & Ashton Kutcher

Every now and then we get a week full of gossipy kind of airport news. This was one of those. So we’re quite happy to bring you Ashton Kutcher as well as a rather weird, new invention from England. What? Gossip stuff isn’t your type of thing? Don’t you fret, we have the regular bomb threats and airport fires too.

Actually, let’s kick off with that: On Sunday debris fell from the engine of a new Boeing 787 Dreamliner, starting a fire and forcing officials to shut down Charleston International Airport (CHS), the Augusta Chronicle wrote. According to the article debris from the aircraft fell onto the runway and into the grass Saturday, sparking a blaze that closed the airport for more than an hour.

On Wednesday then, the Wall Street Journal reported that San Antonio International Airport (SAT) in Texas was evacuated after a telephone caller warned that there were bombs in three cars in a nearby parking garage. No bomb was found and the airport was given the all clear. Delays continued to occur late into the night, however.

Remember the movie with the title “Snakes on a plane”?. Today we picked up a similar headline:

According to the Daily News a Delta commuter flight was delayed at Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT) when a swarm of bees tried to hitch a ride aboard the left wing. Apparently after about 20 minutes, Meadow Sweet Apiaries head beekeeper Stephen Repasky had scraped the bees off the wing with a light thistle brush and the flight was on its way to JFK airport.

Now to the real stories of this week: Guess what was invented at England’s Southampton Airport? No, think again! Not quite. Let us reveal it: it’s a chewing gum recycling bin. You’re speechless? So are we! According to the BBC it’s a world first and Southampton Airport (SOU), which has 2m travellers passing through each year, hopes the bins will save an estimated £3,000 in specialist cleaning costs each year. Fantastic!

You’ve been patiently waiting for this, so we won’t keep you any longer now: Yes, it’s time for Ashton Kutcher news! According the the Mail Online, lovebirds Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis cuddle up at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) as the fly off to Bali for romantic five-star getaway. Isn’t this massive news? We thought so too…

With that we conclude our news round-up for this week – safe, star struck travels everyone!

[Photo from Flickr – Some rights reserved by adstream]