This week’s airport events: a volcano, a bear and Taylor Swift

It was easy to pick this week’s biggest airport event. And no, it wasn’t the free roaming airport bear in Montana nor was it the airport toilet song writing artist. More of that later. It – of course – was all about the volcanic ash cloud over Britain and mainland Europe. After the eruption of Icelandic volcano “Grímsvötn” on Sunday evening, we posted an article on Tuesday asking whether this would bring down much of Europe’s air traffic again similar to last year. Luckily the outcome so far wasn’t as grim as widely forecasted. The Wall Street Journal even calls the threat to be entirely over while other media aren’t all too sure yet.

But now let us move on to that bear story: It sure wasn’t the most disruptive event, but it was one that you would have certainly remembered if it happened at your departing airport: At Great Falls International Airport in Montana (IATA: GTF) police and wildlife officials had to capture a black bear who wandered by. CBS News reported that it happened in the wee hours on Monday. Fish, Wildlife and Parks officials say the young bear had been running in front of the terminal doors. The bear was tranquilized and taken out of town to a remote location.

And finally, where do you think some of today’s most creative ideas are born? Yes – that’s right – on the toilet. Well at least this was true for country music starlet Taylor Swift (pictured) when she proved that she can literally write a song anywhere as she admits she once penned some lyrics in an airport bathroom. Sadly the news article doesn’t reveal which airport it was that inspired the singer that much. We would have loved to know!

Have a good week everyone and safe, ash-cloud- and bear-free travels!

[Photo from Flickr – Some rights reserved by 1035 WEZL]