Guest blog: Venice Marco Polo Airport

At first sight, getting delayed at Venice airport (IATA: VCE) might seem like a boring misfortune.

You should rethink that.

Yes, Venice Marco Polo Airport is small compared to many other touristic destinations, but what makes it interesting is the possibilities it gives you to do a different kind of shopping.

In fact, you will find a wide selection of Murano Glass, one of the most original presents you can bring home from Italy, together with series of Venetian masks, so typical of the Venetian Carnival for centuries.

If your interest is focused on cars instead, what’s one of the first brands to come to your mind, and one of the first people associate with Italy? Ferrari! There you go, a Ferrari store for you to browse between gadgets, car models, toys and clothes, with items from the toddler (future F1 champion?) to the navigate fan.

Last but not least, Marco Polo airport is a heaven for coffee lovers, with espressos served in several tastes and fashions (chocolate, condensed milk, cream; which make you wonder if you should try them all, defying caffeine and the doctors…).

In a globalised world, which often seems a replication of the same shopping centre over and over again, Venice airport is the ideal place to get delayed at (hopefully not for too long though!) for the range of options of “last minute” gifts that will change an embarrassing empty handed return home into an opportunity to show off originality and taste.

Airport Facts and Ratings

Airport Name Venice Marco Polo airport
Design Plane Award Plane Award Plane Award Point
Shopping Plane Award Plane Award Plane Award Plane Award Point
Toilets Plane Award Plane Award Plane Award Plane Award Point
Overall Plane Award Plane Award Plane Award Point

[Picture from the airport’s official website.]

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