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No access - Teachers block access to Mexico city airport

This week: Teacher’s block access to airport (again), Chicago surprises & more

Let’s get straight to it – this week we found the following airport related topics for you:

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Radiation Warning

This week: Radioactive material unclaimed at Indian airport & more

Did you know that we go through airport related news at least once a day? Those news articles that we find worthy to share then get tweeted out to the world. And when we do these weekly news round-ups, it’s a fairly straight forward affair as we only have to go back to your own Twitter account and select the most interesting/most important stories of that week to be summarize here. Long story short, this week, we only tweeted 3 stories. So what?, you may ask. Well, this means that we were either slacking (nope, not our style!) or there just wasn’t much interesting going on in the world of airports this week. And the latter is exactly what happened.

So whilst we could have tweeted about a new breast feeding station at a U.S. Airport, Edinburgh airport’s success of attracting 1 Million passengers or Lady Gaga’s flamboyant arrival at Heathrow this week – we chose not to. Why? Well, frankly we didn’t see those stories being of global importance. Grey area with Lady Gaga maybe, but then we recently had plenty gossip weeks already. We’re not the Daily Mirror after all.

So, what are those world moving stories you found this week, you may want to know at this stage. Here they are:

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Mexico City Airport

This week: Strikes at Mexico City airport, Singapore’s expansion plans & more

Five topics crystallized from the seabed of airport related news this week, here they are:

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Stack of newspapers

This week: Gossip week

Our news topics this week read a bit like those from a bold headlined tabloid newspaper. But no, we’re not apologising for that, afterall it’s simply a reflection of this week’s airport related news. Plus who doesn’t like a bit of gossip every now and then? So, here they are:

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Fire at Nairobi Airport (not pictured)

This week: Kenya’s fire, China’s highest airport, Spain’s white elephant

Wow, what full week of airport related news this one has been! We’ve seen a huge fire on one side and an exciting new stop-over experience as well as pet-friendly airports on the other, to just name three examples. Here’s our list of items we will be covering this week:

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"Welcome to New York" sign at LaGuardia airport

This week: Delays at LaGuardia after Southwest flight, Gatwick’s second runway & more

This week we recap four topics we discovered throughout the week. Remember, you can always follow us on Twitter to receive timely updates through the week. But here’s what we have summarized for you for this week:

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Beijing Terminal 3

This week: Bomb set off in Beijing, turtels discovered in India & more

It’s already Sunday here in Australia and with that time again for our weekly updates. This week we have the following topics for you

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Aerial view of San Francisco International Airport in 2010

This week: SFO twice, Snowden twice, Myanmar once

Well, what can we say? Two days ago we thought San Francisco would make it into our weekly news round-up with a funny story, then just yesterday another story from the same airport changed that view entirely. Here’s what we have for this week:

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St.Basil Moscow Red Square

This week: Snowden in Moscow, missing cash from Swiss plane & more

This week one airport beat all other in terms of number of times it got mentioned in the media. It’s of course Moscow Airport, currently caught in the middle of the continuation of a thrilling U.S. spy story. But first, here’s our overview of this week’s news:

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Pan Am Boeing 707-100 at JFK's terminal 3

This week: Group to safe Pan Am JFK terminal, BBC live from Heathrow

This week has certainly been an airport themed week for the United Kingdom with one of its TV stations focusing on a 4-day live show from its biggest airport. But of course we spotted other interesting airport related news from around the world as well. Here’s what we have for this week in our overview:

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