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A kangaroo causing trouble at Melbourne Airport

This week: a kangaroo, a snake and a sandwich causing troubles down-under

It’s been the first real weak after the festive season when most people got back to work resulting in more airport news. Interestingly three pieces received us from Australia this week – our home country. But we swear we had nothing to do with any of these little stories directly though!

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Dancing at LAX airport

This week: festive season recap

It’s a new year and we’re back in action. We trust, you all had a nice Christmas and a Happy New Year. On our end, even though we took a break from publishing, loyal followers would know that we didn’t shut our eyes for interesting airport news. In fact we published 15 tweets of interesting developments through our Twitter account over the past 2 weeks. Let us now recap the most interesting or important ones.

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Mice, Snow and more in this weeks update

This week: Strikes, fog, snow, mice and Sarah Jessica Parker

Wow, the year has literally flown away from us. This in fact is our last airport news update for 2012. This week we found some of the more usual airport stories (strikes, fog) as well as some not so common ones (mice, star stopped in Norway).

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Time lapse video from San Diego International Airport's arrivals

This week: time-lapse art from San Diego, Munich Xmas market & more

This week must have been the calm before the Christmas storm as hardly any big airport stories surfaced. Don’t worry though, we found a few interesting ones nevertheless. Why? Because we know our loyal readers would appreciate it – plus, let’s be honest – there is always something going on if you look closely enough!

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BirminghamAirport, England, Feb. 2008 (Wikipedia)

This week: British airport improvements, Korea’s budget terminal and more

It’s been an average week in airport newsland with medium sized stories coming through from around the planet. Nevertheless we’re sure it still makes for an interesting, weekly mix. So let’s dive straight into it.

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Hurricane Sandy photographed on 25 October 2012

This week: Sandy’s path of disruptions, Munich in Heathrow, Hobbits in Wellington

Quite clearly this week has been dominated by hurricane Sandy causing devastation over large parts of the U.S. east coast with implication for tens of thousands of travellers as well. Before we get to that, let us cover two other airport related news we picked up this week.

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