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A tiny bottles theft this week made it into the weekly airport news.

This week: Tiny bottles theft, drenched suitcases & another airport design

This week one thing is for sure: we don’t have to rush through a truck load of news items! Why? Because it was a rather uneventful week. However, if you think we’re going to stop here and throw in the towel, oh, you’re mistaken. You know, if you look close enough, you always find some interesting airport related news stories, even in the most droughts of weeks. And that’s exactly what we did.

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Peru's stunning Machu Picchu in the early morning

This week: new airport for Machu Picchu & more

And again it’s been another week of full airport news related inboxes. This week we received airport news from Peru, Mexico, the United Kingdom, the USA and from Australian and Singaporean airlines.

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Jackass star gets into trouble in North Carolina

This week Jackass, Olympics, Berlin delays and the longest walk

The London Olympics are over but if you think that’s the end of Olympic airport news, you’re in the wrong. We found two news articles even after the flames were extinguished. Then, there was a jet skier causing troubles in New York, a further worrying update from Berlin and a “Jackass” in North Carolina.

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Montage of Google Image Search for Pablo Picasso's Nude in a red Armchair

This week: We have it all – Picasso, conveyor belts and bikini shows

We cannot wait to tell you all about this week’s airport and aviation related news as we found a selection of highly interesting items! You may find some of them surprising, some entertaining, some informative – in short, we have it all for you this week!

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Bees, unwanted guests on planes

This week: bees on a plane, a new airport invention & Ashton Kutcher

Every now and then we get a week full of gossipy kind of airport news. This was one of those. So we’re quite happy to bring you Ashton Kutcher as well as a rather weird, new invention from England. What? Gossip stuff isn’t your type of thing? Don’t you fret, we have the regular bomb threats and airport fires too.

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Stansted Airport Control Tower

This week: a lost appeal, out-smarted security and a roaming bull

It’s another week with yet more exciting new airport news stories from around the globe. And it’s been quite an interesting week, so today we have a lost appeal, a boy that out-smarted all security checks, a study into spreading diseases and a roaming bull.

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London Tower bridge, equiped with the Olympic Rings

This week: Olympic strikes, blackout & 3-day late departure

Less than a week to go to the London 2012 Olympics and tensions are high with a few major issues still waiting to be resolved. One of them is the announced strike of the British Airport Guards – more about that later. We also have 2 airport news stories from Australia and the delay of the week is coming from the United States.

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Baby smuggled through hand luggage and discoverd by Xray machine

This week: baby smuggle discovered in Xray, sinkholes in Bangkok and more

Every now and then you get a week with a lot of slightly out-of-the-ordinary airport news all coming in at the same time. This has been exactly such a week: We found news from a Swedish retailer moving into airport space, a baby smuggle attempt, a tower evacuation, sinkholes, a refurbished terminal and two emergency landings. Sounds interesting? Told you!

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