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Curious facts about American Airports

Infographic: Airport Confidential – Curious facts about American airports

This infographic was sent to us from our friends at We thought it’s well worth sharing with our loyal readers.

From conspiracy theories involving secret cities, aliens and hidden messages to surprising animal residents and buried treasure, America’s airports are a wealth of mysteries and unique fixtures.

Airport Confidential Infographic

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Alligator grin

This week: Alligator found at Chicago, Fire in Montreal & ‘street view’ for Gatwick

Another week has passed and we’re back on with our weekly airport news round-up. This week we have the following topics for you

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'Dark coulds' news week

This week: Shooting at LAX, wild UK weather & more

OMG, that wasn’t a good airport week in terms of news types that came in. It already started mixed with wild UK weather overshadowing the opening of Dubai’s newest airport but it all went pear-shaped with Friday’s shooting at LAX. Here is the full list of our topics for his week, in chronological order:

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Heavy levels of smog in Harbin, China. December 2012.

This week: Smog closes airport, rowdy passengers in Florida & more

This week’s been another one that was dominated by airport news coming from the United States. We managed to find one or two from other parts of the world too though, here are our topics for this week:

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Dry ice

This week: Dry ice bomb at LAX, Kangaroo at Melbourne & more

The talk of this week certainly was the dry ice bomb at LAX. It’s therefore not surprising we’re also going to focus on this event in this week’s airport news round-up. Here are all the topics:

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Korean Air Boeing 777-200ER

This week: Korean Air’s late departure, Atlanta’s second airport & more

We’re back after our extensive trip through the U.S. – watch this space for some upcoming posts! But back now to our weekly airport news round-up: This week started relatively quiet and then certainly picked up the pace with interesting airport news towards the end. So, here’s what we have for you for this week:

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Apple Maps Problem in Alaska

This week: Apple’s misguided airport directions, snake on Qantas plane & more

Well, well, well. In our head it seemed like a very busy airport related news week, however some news just kept re-appearing. Plus we’ve travelled ourselves, from Asia back to Australia, this week too. Both of those things initially clouded our judgement, we guess. It’s actually been a fairly quiet week. Here’s what we found:

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Aerial view of Bangkok Airport

This week: Bangkok runway incident, Boston’s 911 mishap & more

After a few slower week, this one has seen quite a few airport related news headlines again. Here’s what we’re going to recap for you today:

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No access - Teachers block access to Mexico city airport

This week: Teacher’s block access to airport (again), Chicago surprises & more

Let’s get straight to it – this week we found the following airport related topics for you:

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Radiation Warning

This week: Radioactive material unclaimed at Indian airport & more

Did you know that we go through airport related news at least once a day? Those news articles that we find worthy to share then get tweeted out to the world. And when we do these weekly news round-ups, it’s a fairly straight forward affair as we only have to go back to your own Twitter account and select the most interesting/most important stories of that week to be summarize here. Long story short, this week, we only tweeted 3 stories. So what?, you may ask. Well, this means that we were either slacking (nope, not our style!) or there just wasn’t much interesting going on in the world of airports this week. And the latter is exactly what happened.

So whilst we could have tweeted about a new breast feeding station at a U.S. Airport, Edinburgh airport’s success of attracting 1 Million passengers or Lady Gaga’s flamboyant arrival at Heathrow this week – we chose not to. Why? Well, frankly we didn’t see those stories being of global importance. Grey area with Lady Gaga maybe, but then we recently had plenty gossip weeks already. We’re not the Daily Mirror after all.

So, what are those world moving stories you found this week, you may want to know at this stage. Here they are:

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