FLL – Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport

LateDeparture posts mentioning this airport:

This week: Fort Lauderdale plane fire, Star Wars at Changi & more

It's been a rather eventful week in regards to airport related news around the world. This week even President Obama ...
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This week: Smog closes airport, rowdy passengers in Florida & more

This week's been another one that was dominated by airport news coming from the United States. We managed to find ...
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This week: a kangaroo, a snake and a sandwich causing troubles down-under

It's been the first real weak after the festive season when most people got back to work resulting in more ...
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This week: Berlin disappoints with a 9 month delay and more

Well, of course it happens when I'm away without access to my computer: the site goes down. My sincere apologies ...
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This week: Jamie’s Gatwick, 79 turtles, and German strikes

What a busy airport week this one was again! We've got more strikes albeit this week from a different European ...
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