AKL – Auckland International Airport

LateDeparture posts mentioning this airport:

This week: 2 deaths at airports, 1 on plane & more

It's been a rather odd week in regards to airport related news  as we've seen three news articles about three ...
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This week: Grief in Amsterdam & Kuala Lumpur after MH17 tragedy & more

It's been a terrible week for civil aviation with the shot down Malaysia Airlines flight from Amsterdam. Here's our overview ...
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This week: new airport dining, fog delays and increased security measures

This week we bring you airport news from India, Australia, England, China and New Zealand with topics ranging from the ...
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This week: an unusual auction, fog and strike

It was a semi-busy airport week, this one. But, as always, it depends how you actually define "busy". Surely the ...
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Hong Kong named Airport of the Year 2011

Last night as part of the Passenger Terminal Expo 2011 held in Copenhagen, Skytrax announced this years World Airport Awards ...
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